The decline of european christianity essay

In some countries, including the United States, it is fairly common for adults to leave their childhood religion and switch to another faith or no faith.

This system involved men being granted land by lords, in exchange for military service. Historical Background The cause of the decline of European Christianity can perhaps be traced back to one of the most significant moments in history, the Protestant Reformation.

The Decline of Christianity in Europe

The late 15th-century voyages of discovery were not something new but a more ambitious continuation of the European interest in distant parts of the world. But circumstances led the Pope and the church fathers to play the role of the potential actor in the political fields.

As the homeland of both the Protestant Reformation and the Age of Enlightenment, Europeans have served as the pioneers of not only modern Christianity but also Secularism.

The Decline of Christianity in Europe

Christianity is experiencing more rapid growth in Africa than anywhere else on the planet, including Asia and Latin America. Yet Christians also believed that it was necessary for the Jews to continue to exist unconverted, because the Apocalypseor Revelation to Johnthe last book of the Christian Bible, stated that the Jews would be converted at the end of time.

Harald's death symbolised the end of Viking dominance over western Europe. The conversion to Christianity resulted in the Vikings losing interest in raiding and, as an alternative, turning their attention to trading. The unified church established almost a parallel government or administration to Rome.

Decline in European Christianity

They have found strange new gods in their secular world of modernization. Intelligent people in Europe are bored of those stories of yours because, their great great great fathers have been into this silly Christian ideology.

We have noted how political changes brought the church into limelight. Liberalism with its optimistic view of human nature and capabilities had no word for the situation and held no power to capture the attention of the people. So, to what extent has cultural Christianity declined?

Christianity was a major cause of the fall of Rome. The Vikings were brave and fierce warriors, exceptional merchants, skilled navigators and explorers, and unparalleled ship-builders. Religion in a given country is affected by history, social structure and culture; and its affects on them.

The one exception was the Norse people, who had their own pagan beliefs. Erosion of the imperial power encouraged the ecclesiastical authorities to enter into active politics.

Charles the Bald decided to pay the Vikings danegeld money in the hope that it would stop them from attacking his country. But among Christians in Europe the reverse is true: The declining condition of the Roman Empire also signalled the weakness of the emperor.

History of the Christian Church Ii the Decline of European Christianity

The Decline of Christianity in Europe The Decline of Christianity in Europe 4 April Christianity The twentieth century was a time of great flux and anxiety in Europe as the supremacy of Christianity in Europe was being challenged by the fronts of biblical criticism, and evolution.

Age differences are also important for future growth.This descent in Christianity affected both Catholics and Protestants. There are three aspects that I would like to examine which brought about change in Europe that possibly led to the descent.

The Thirty Years War [1], The Peace of Westphalia [2], and the Rationalist Option [3]%(3).

Decline in European Christianity

The rate of decline then slowed; identification as Christian dropped to 76% in Sometime during the first decade of the 21st century, Protestant Christians became a minority in the U.S. The percentage of adults who say that they attend church on most weeks is close to 40%. End of an Era? The Slow Death of Europe's Social Democrats.

Across Europe, social democratic parties are in crisis and on Sunday, the German SPD could slide to its worst result since World War II. Christianity is experiencing an unprecedented boom on the African continent and now accounts for more than half of Africa’s total population, while Christian affiliation and practice continue to ebb in Europe, signaling a major demographic shift in global Christianity.

Christianity in Europe has had a tumultuous history, ranging from condemnation and then official endorsement by the Roman Empire to splits into East and West and then again into Catholic and.

The spread of early Christianity in throughout the Roman empire was based on what it wasn’t rather than what it was. At the time Christianity began spreading through the Roman Empire, religion had fractured into the main Roman religion which was comprised of the Parthenon of .

The decline of european christianity essay
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